Our Journey

We started out as a small family run business. Mark decided to leave his profession as a junior school teacher and head of Maths at Priory School in Reigate. Heather left the NHS after 20 years of service and has been the clinical lead for Aquaepps and Children’s Neuro Physio for many years with Mark as finance and operational manager. Heather has spent years of frustration trying to source hydrotherapy pools that are well-run, accessible to all and available. Both Heather and Mark wanted to have a clinic base and most importantly a hydrotherapy pool from which to work.

Heather has been involved in hydrotherapy (aquatic physiotherapy) for over 20 years. Her PhD was in this field. She has taught at Masters degree level and travelled the world and country lecturing and teaching other physiotherapists and professionals in Aquaepps® and other aquatic physiotherapy techniques. Heather has been treating people of all ages and conditions with aquatic physiotherapy since 1991. She has released 4 training DVD’s in aquatic therapy techniques and exercises, and has received the Robert Williams International Award for meritous work in the field from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Heather also sits on the executive committee of the Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (ATACP) and is an accredited tutor. Heather has helped design pools and set up hydrotherapy services for many years and always dreamed of her own pool. With the help of Mark and our investors this dream has become a reality.

We spent considerable time and energy consulting with various architects, pool and hoist experts, structural engineers and a multitude of other teams to renovate the existing building into a fully accessible clinic and to build an interconnecting custom hydrotherapy building incorporating the latest technology in air and water quality plant and energy efficient heating and recovery systems.

Mark was project lead working closely with GWC of Banstead (our building constructors). Despite the challenges that Mark and the construction team had to overcome during the COVID pandemic, we were finally ready for handover on New Year’s Eve 2020. Our first impression (and that of our investors and visitors to site) has been “WOW”. We hope you have the same first impression when you visit our brand new facilities.