Aquaepps® Techniques to Assist People with Neurological Dysfunction

Aquaepps® techniques were developed by Dr Heather Epps – Aquatic Physiotherapy Consultant in 1992.

Dr Heather Epps had attended numerous hydrotherapy courses including the residential one-month Bath Hydrotherapy course and become frustrated with the lack of specific techniques to assist people with neurological dysfunction, and in particular to influence their muscle tone to enable greater flexibility, increased strength and control of movement and motor function.

Heather has developed these techniques to provide a greater holistic benefit to people with neurological impairments, influencing communication (with help from her Speech and Language therapy colleagues), sensory dysfunction (with help from her Occupational Therapy colleagues) and learning.

All Lymden Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy Clinic (LHAP) staff are trained in Aquaepps® techniques to support children and adults with neurological dysfunction and altered muscle tone (hypertonia (spasticity), dystonia, ataxia, hypotonia (floppy) and mixed presentations.

Aquaepps® training courses are provided at LHAP for physiotherapists, educational staff, carers and support workers. Parent and carer training is also available with your child or adult with neurological dysfunction.