Services for Medical and Health Care Referrers

We offer a range of options for affordability to our health care referrers and patients. Patients are able to self-refer. If they have medical insurance, they need to check their cover with their provider. The bus from East Surrey Hospital stops directly outside our centre.

Our facilities are brand new and built during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such we have market leading water and air filtration systems with the latest skin-friendly UV and chemical infection control in the pool. We also have a spare filter and pump so we can close one and still operate the pool, should this become necessary. We have also ensured we can maximise social distancing and our 2 spacious clinic rooms have bi-fold doors so they can be transformed into one large room for group sessions and physiotherapy classes.

The pool facilities have underfloor heating, and the whole site is fully wheelchair accessible. There are 2 changing rooms with ceiling track hoists from changing beds to pool, additional poolside hoist with detachable shower chair and pool plinth, additional accessible toilet and changing room, 2 additional changing rooms with showers, additional toilet, and a further accessible toilet in the clinic area, with a large reception area and on-site parking.

We offer individual physiotherapy and aquatic physiotherapy sessions and rehabilitation blocks, but for affordability and empowering patients to manage their own condition, we also provide a range of group treatments and classes with a variety of options to suit their needs as outlined below:

  • Patients can have a session with a friend or colleague with a similar complaint and share the cost of the physiotherapist between them.
  • Patients can join other pool or gym users and follow their own exercises programme that was devised for them in the group session with a physiotherapist at hand to advise and help.
  • Patients can join other pool or gym users and follow their own exercise programme that was devised for them by their physiotherapist in our self management group, there is no physiotherapist in this class.
  • We also hold specific groups and classes in the pool, such as aqua and post natal, aquaerobics and fitness, hip and knee classes (very popular with our golfing community, patients with OA and RA, and those who have had, or are waiting for joint replacements), back pain, general body workout and conditioning, neurological and PMLD children and adult groups.
  • We hold specific groups and classes in our large gym including child and baby development, baby massage, kids and teens therapeutic pilates and yoga, hypermobility classes, fitness and conditioning and rehabilitation groups.
  • It is also possible for a group of patients to hire our facilities and set up their own group.
  • We will update this site as other specific groups are set up. If you do not see a class that meets your patient’s needs, please contact us.
  • If you would like to commission our services then please let do give us a call.