Aquatic Physiotherapy / Hydrotherapy facilities for Schools, Nurseries & Colleges

If you have children and young people with hydrotherapy / aquatic physiotherapy in their EHCP but don’t have any hydrotherapy facilities, we can offer the following:

  • Hire of our hydrotherapy facilities for whole class learning/swimming
  • Staff to attend with pupil / student / learner one of our shared group sessions with or without a physiotherapist present
  • Assessment of your pupil / student / learner by our aquatic physiotherapist who will then develop an aquatic therapy programme and train your staff in its delivery, review and sign off on competencies at appropriate time intervals (usually stated within EHCP)
  • Direct 1:1 Aquatic physiotherapy or aquatic therapy sessions with your pupil/student learner
  • Aquatic physiotherapy/hydrotherapy report to inform an EHCP/Annual Aquaepps® Paediatric Aquatic Therapy for Assistants course, a course designed for Staff Working with Children with Learning Difficulties and Neurological Dysfunction in Hydrotherapy and Swimming Pools

If you have children and young people with physiotherapy in their EHCP and don’t have a physiotherapist we can help if you are local to us in Surrey. We can offer the following:

  • Physiotherapy assessment and advice based on IEP and outcomes being worked towards in Section E
  • Devising a physiotherapy/physical management programme and guidelines and training staff in its implementation
  • If you have a lot of staff that require training, you can hire our clinic rooms which open out into one large space

NB: If parents are looking for our services, we offer a range of different options whereby they can share the cost with other families. We also offer after school and school holiday options including at weekends for those who need hydrotherapy facilities for schools, nurseries & colleges. For full details of what we offer, please see our Clinic facilities and Aquatherapy / Hydrotherapy Services.