Paediatric Aquatic Therapy for Assistants – Aquaepps®

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This course is for Staff Working with Children and Young Adults with Learning Difficulties and Neurological Dysfunction in Hydrotherapy and Swimming Pools

The aims of the course are to provide participants with a basic understanding of how to help children and young people with a variety of impairments and disabilities to make the most of their swimming or hydrotherapy sessions. This is achieved by teaching Aquaepps® techniques to increase or reduce the tone of spastic or floppy muscles, help co-ordination, balance, movement, strength and independence. Aquaepps® techniques also includes learning the safest and most effective way to handle children/students who are dependent and need 1:1 support, pool safety and the correct and effective use of swimming aids/floats. Updates on running hydrotherapy services during the COVID-19 pandemic will also be covered.

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