Covid 19 – Measures we have put in place

Please download our COVID precautions and questionnaire here

LHAP clinic and hydrotherapy pool/centre was built during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as such we have invested in the latest water, air filtration, ventilation and chemical control systems. Space for social distancing, pool disinfection, air and pool filtration and circulation systems have been at the forefront of our design. We have installed 2 pumps and 2 filters with coagulant for the pool. We have state of the art UV disinfection in addition to chlorine in the pool. Ultraviolet with low levels of chlorine is a very efficient disinfectant and is much kinder to the skin than conventional chlorinated pool water. We have followed PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) and ATACP (Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists) standards throughout our design process. We want you to be confident that you are receiving the best possible care when you are with us.

Our pool water is regularly microbiologically tested by Public Health, our pool is backwashed regularly and our chemical balance is checked several times each day.

Anyone attending for land based treatment, gym or class sessions will be directed to the corridor on the right on entering the building. There are two doors for a one way system to be used when required.

If the toilet facilities must be used, the physiotherapist will ensure there is no cross over with other people outside your bubble.

Anyone attending for hydrotherapy will be directed straight ahead to the single use lobby where they will apply shoe coverings before entering the pool building. There are 2 external doors within the lobby should the building need to be evacuated in an emergency.

Additional hand sanitiser pumps are available for clients and staff.

The building is brand new and there is enhanced cleaning after each room is used, and all pool equipment is cleaned in line with PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) recommendations.

All staff are monitored daily for symptoms of COVID-19 and wear PPE/social distance at all times in line with HCPC (Health Care Professional Council) and CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) guidelines

All clients and visitors are risk assessed and screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and are required to provide contact details for Test and Trace.

We do not use soft furnishings or toys in the clinic rooms or pool areas and all equipment can be disinfected.

There is an additional time window between each client for clinic room cleaning, airing and sanitisation processes.

There is staggered changing room and pool use to allow for cleaning of changing rooms, poolside equipment and facilities between users.


Arrive for your appointment just before the allotted time. Anyone attending your appointment with you will be required to complete our questionnaire, have their temperature taken and give contact details in case information needs to be available to Contact, Track and Trace services. We will limit the number of people that can attend your appointment based on your age, care and advocate needs.

If you are using the hydrotherapy pool please arrive with your costume/shorts already on under your clothes (unless you have had a long journey or there is a risk your child/client could have been incontinent).

Knock on the door or call us on 01737 919094 upon arrival. You will be met in the covered porch entrance where you will be asked some additional screening questions for COVID 19.

The door will close automatically behind you.

Use the hand sanitiser when you enter, you must wear a face covering or mask unless you have provided evidence in advance that you/your child/client is exempt from wearing one.

If you do not have a face covering or mask you will be asked to purchase one from the clinic for your session at a cost of £1 inclusive of VAT. If you would like a sealed FFP3 mask these cost £6 inclusive of VAT.

Your temperature will be checked on arrival. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID 19 – please download our guidelines and questionnaire.

Please respect social distancing where possible. Changing rooms are for single person, house or family bubble use and will be cleaned after each use.

The gym is a spacious room with bifold patio doors if additional ventilation is required. Organised group sessions for under 18’s and those with disabilities can be held with social distancing in line with government and PHE advice. Link to gov advice for tier 4 (specific bit about this aspect)

Do not wear gloves as you will be asked to remove these. We have hand washing facilities and sanitiser for you to use.

If using the pool you will need to wear shoe coverings. These are located in the dispenser as you enter the lobby between the pool and main building. Only one bubble or person is allowed in the lobby at any one time.

During your appointment

During your session you/your child/client will be required to wear a face covering unless they are exempt. If they are exempt, our physiotherapist will wear a suitable mask to protect themselves.

The nature of physiotherapy assessment and treatment will require close contact and hands on engagement at times. Where possible we will keep such time limited and our staff will wear single use gloves and an apron in addition to their face mask except when in the hydrotherapy pool.

When in the hydrotherapy pool, your physiotherapist will wear a visor or face mask when they are 2 metres away from you or if instructing from the side of the pool.

If the physiotherapist needs close contact and hands on engagement, they will wear a face mask and visor if the mask might become wet (or there is risk of spittle) and will replace the mask if it does become wet. The physiotherapist will wear a face mask without a visor if the mask is unlikely to become wet.

Please avoid bringing unnecessary belongings to appointments such as bags. If you use our lockers in the pool area they must be cleaned between each use so may not be available. The pool floor is cleaned between sessions so you may take a small bag poolside if required, or use our clothes baskets. These will be cleaned between each user so please leave them in the changing room.

Please avoid using the toilets and showering after your pool session if you can do so at home. We want to minimise the time people are in the toilet and changing areas.


Whilst we would normally love for you to stay and chat following your appointment right now we must try to reduce the time spent in the centre and also avoid crossing over with other people, therefore we ask that you exit promptly.

Please use hand sanitiser as you exit.

Use the push button to release the door magnet to exit.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you have a safe, enjoyable and productive visit.