Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy / Aqua Physiotherapy Treatment – One Week Block

Day 1 involves an individual assessment in the morning with our physiotherapist and goals to be agreed. There is a meet and greet session to introduce you to the rest of your group and show you the pool facilities after lunch before the afternoon session takes place in the hydrotherapy pool.

Day 2 – Day 4 consists of 1 hour in the gym in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon in the hydrotherapy pool (includes changing time) with our physiotherapy team working on your specific goals, training parents and carers if requested and is a mixture of individual and group work.

Day 5 – There is an individual session in the morning to review your achievements, provide your report for your team at home, and hand over your programmes for you to continue at home and/or in your local or school pool if you have access to one. Your final session in the hydrotherapy pool will be just before lunch to allow those who have travelled a distance to leave before the rush hour. We then have a goodbye, achievements and certificates ceremony around midday.

To find out more about our One Week Block of Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy / Aqua Physiotherapy Treatment, please get in touch.