Ai Chi

Ai Chi was developed by Professor Jun Konno of the Aquadynamics Institute in Yokohama, Japan, using elements of aquatic physiotherapy and Chi Kung or Qigong. Ai Chi is a graceful aquatic exercise that combines Eastern and Western philosophies and focuses in that particular area of the body, to open the heart chakra and renovate the flow of restorative energy including mental, physical, and spiritual energies.

Ai Chi consists of 19 slow, flowing and controlled movements that utilise the properties of water and that are coordinated with fast and slow breathing similar to those in Tai Chi, but without putting any gravitational stress through the body or joints due to the weight relieving effects of buoyancy. These movements are performed whilst standing in warm water. Ai chi is most effective if undertaken in a hydrotherapy pool to gain maximum benefit of the pressure of the water against the body and improved circulation and blood flow due to the warmth of the water.

Research shows benefits (including relaxation, reduced tension and stress and reduced pain, improved flexibility, improved sleep, calm, breathing, mood and well-being, increased energy, strength, posture, balance and physical function) to people with a range of conditions (such as PTSD, Stress related disorders, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, MS, FND, Muscular Dystrophy, balance problems and long term and chronic pain to name but a few).

Lymden Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy (LHAP) centre will be running Ai Chi classes (maximum of six people in a 30 minute class) starting on Friday 19th January 2024 and running for 6 weeks at 2pm. To book your place please email or telephone 01737 919 094 for further details. It is also possible to set up your own classes for your staff and teams to help reduce tensions and stress and to improve well being and productivity.